American Author, Robert Collier once said ” Success is the sum of small efforts- repeated day in and day out. In today’s social media/ tech culture, we have become a society focused on speed, quick action and even faster results.

Unfortunately, it is this belief system that can also lead to major discouragement and lack of motivation. It’s like the old story about the tortoise and the hare.

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Nobody wants to be the tortoise, everyone wants to be as quick as the hare. However, despite all obstacles presented, the tortoise eventually makes it to the finish line before the hare.

Success, even at a slow pace is still success. In the age of social media, it has become a societal norm for a person to gage their personal success by comparing their journey with the journey of another person.

I do strongly believe that this is one of the most toxic things that we can do as people. Nobody’s journey is the same. We are all called to different purposes in life, and as a result, we will all experience different speeds of success, change, triumph along with disappointment.

Even if your progress is slow, stay the course because you are still making progress. If you have weight loss goals of 20 lbs, and you have lost 1 pound in 2 weeks, don’t be discouraged. That just means you are 1 pound closer to your weight goal. If you get frustrated with the rate of progress, it may ultimately lead to discouragement and finally no progress. The first day that you work out at the gym, you’re not going to see a major difference. You may feel better, but you may not see any significant changes in your weight or appearance. Focus on the fact that you feel better understanding that this is progress. With consistent and dedicated action, you will see more progress, even if the progress occurs at a slower rate. I think we can all agree that slow progress is better than no progress!

If you are starting a business, and you are struggling to get clients, don’t get discourage. It is in discouragement that your goals and progress can get interrupted. Instead, focus on the positive achievements that you have made. Focus on the fact that you finally started the business. Focus on the fact that through your trials and errors, you have learned valuable details about your business understanding that with consistency and determination, you will eventually land your first client. Focus on being consistent and continue to learn your trade while you are pursuing your ultimate goal/dream. This post is not to undermine the importance of time and results, but more so to bring to light that no matter the pace, Slow progress is still progress.