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Updated: 19 Jun 2023 10:32 pm
Shannon K, daughter of Kumar Sanu, has been one of the very few star kids who’ve had a very normal upbringing quite away from the film, music and television industry in India, and she has managed to make a name for herself on her own. Slowly and steadily not only has she become a popular singer, but she has also ventured into acting, and is doing quite well.
Shannon K recently walked the red carpet at Cannes, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Not only that, but she also celebrated her 22nd birthday recently. Talking to Prateek Sur, Shannon K talks about her time at the French Riviera, walking the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival, her birthday resolutions, her venturing into acting from singing, her dad Kumar Sanu’s advice on her work and lots more. Excerpts.
You recently celebrated your birthday. What did you end up doing on the special day?
I celebrated my birthday with my family and loved ones. I’m so thankful to God and my parents for the amazing years that have passed by. It sure taught me a lot.
Any resolutions for this year in your life?
To not get into negative space no matter what and try to take things positively even if they’re not in my favour.
You achieved one life goal when you walked the red carpet recently at the Cannes Film Festival. How did that opportunity come to you? What was your first reaction when you came to know that you will be walking the red carpet at Cannes?
Honestly, I have never thought of attending Cannes, especially at the age of 21. I was quite nervous as it was my first time at the festival. It was pretty exciting to be invited to the movie premiere from America. I happened to be the last to walk before the legendary Harrison Ford. I could see him there and it was an overwhelming experience. I’m so thankful to god for making me experience that moment. I’m pretty sure I was a bit more nervous than excited lol
Many celebs who’re first timers at such big festivals always say that big designers refused to style them as they were not big names. Did you face any similar situation getting a designer?
Fortunately, I didn’t face any similar situations, in fact, fashion tv has taken care of my dresses and styling in Cannes. I didn’t want to be there just for myself that’s why I decided to stand in support of Ukraine, against war. So, I wore a beautiful gown which was designed by Ukrainian designers. I wanted to show my Indian heritage as well so I added on a gorgeous tiara. Apart from that, I wore an absolutely beautiful Indian outfit by Padmasitta which is a handcrafted collection by Padmini Kolhapure.
Did you get to travel on the French Riviera or was your schedule tightly packed with film festival-related stuff?
It was a super hectic schedule with tons of events happening along with attending panels at the USA pavilions. Nevertheless, I did get a bit of a tour of the Boulevard de la Croisette in my spare time and managed to see the beauty of the French Riviera. I actually did a photo shoot for Fashion TV there.
Your music has been doing well, but you’ve been slowly and steadily acting as well in some cameo appearances in quite a few films. Do we get to see you in a full-fledged acting role anytime soon?
I recently worked in a movie titled ‘Chal Zindagi’ alongside Sanjay Mishra, Mita Vashisht, Vivek Dahiya, and Vivan. It’s a travel-based movie with loads of adventure and a message about life. I’m playing the role of Sana who is a music student in America, coming down to India in search of authentic folk music. It will be released on OTT soon. I’ve signed a TV series in the US titled ‘The Mystical Inheritance Of Adina Hassan’ where I’m playing Adina. Along with that I’m all set to work in a movie called ‘Hindi-Vindi’ starring Neena Gupta and Mihir Abuja. Shooting will be in Sydney Australia later this year.
Your IMDb bio states that you’re working on a series called ‘Mystical Inheritance of Adina Hassan’. Not many in India are even aware of this. Tell us a bit about this. Has it already been released? Or you’ll are still shooting it? What’s the status?
I’m all set to start filming later this year. Quite excited as I’ve never played this kind of character with mysterious powers which Adina is so it’ll be fun and interesting for me to discover myself in depth through the process of the role.
Your dad has been an inspiration for billions of singers across the world. What has been the biggest life lesson that he has given you ever?
Dad has always advised me to stay humble and grounded and to always value what I have and achieved. Dad told me to stay positive as no one gets more than luck and before time so keep working till your time comes! He says, “Success is not two minutes noodles, you have to be patient and keep working hard towards the goal.”
Do you discuss your work with your father? Before you pick up an acting job or even a music album, do you take tips or discuss with him whether or not you should take that project?
I do take feedback from Dad after every song that I’ve worked on. I’m very keen on hearing Dad’s point of view and his advice as it means a lot to me, especially if it’s a Hindi song I make sure to sit down with Dad and ask him for suggestions. I didn’t tell him about the movie ‘Chal Zindagi’ because I wanted to do it and Dad wasn’t in town. When he came back and called me I told him that I’m already filming in Ladakh, he was surprised and iffy but I told him not to worry, I’m willing to do this movie! He’s just concerned that I shouldn’t choose any wrong project and worried about my safety so he ensures someone to be with me.
Has there ever been an instance where he has asked you not to pick up any project?
Not yet but he always says not to take projects those are too explicit and honestly, I don’t want to do such work as I’m not comfortable with that.
In your growing up years, I’m sure there must have been instances where people recognised you because of your father and his work. But were there times when you felt that because of his busy schedule, he is not able to give that much time to you as a kid?
Indian community knew me as his daughter but I mostly work on English songs in LA. Yes, it was tough for him to be with us due to his crazy work life but he’s always been with family whenever he gets free. He tried to create a balance between his work and personal life where he comes to the US every month and spends time with us.
Growing up, were there times when you took advantage of your father’s popularity?
Never ever! I grew up in London and Los Angeles. I went to school by bus or subway. I do house chores with Mom because we don’t have any domestic help! Actually, it was quite the opposite. Also, in the work field as well I started with English music in the West and later got a few humble opportunities based on my previous work.
We’ve heard you pay tribute to your father’s songs, but would we ever get to see you two collaborate on a song or anything else?
We recently sang together in my movie ‘Chal Zindagi’. It’s a song about life! I had no idea I was going to be singing along with Dad, thanks to director Vivek Sharma as he got Dad onboard! I had recorded my part previously and Dad recorded it after 3 months!
What next can we expect from your end?
I have a tribute to Bappi Lahiri Sir coming soon and a couple of other songs too. Along with that, I’m set to be filming on a couple of projects.
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