Investment in Cryptocurrency

He is Nigeria’s Pioneer Investor in Bitcoin also the brain behind ABiT Mobile Application Limited, a global Tech Company. He is keen on helping people understand the enormous potentials of the internet and how they can sell anything to anyone using the power of the new media.

In 2016, Gaius was awarded “Most Popular Nigerian on social media 2016” by the Association of Nigerian Bloggers. A former Senior Adviser on New Media at National Assembly Abuja.

Currently the CEO and founder of Tatcoin Africa’s pioneer digital currency.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • ” Run around your dream until you run into it”- Gaius Chibueze

  • Make sure the dream you are running around is worth it, because some people are running around the wrong dream.

  • I’m not just building a company, I am building a community.

  • Don’t use people to build a dream they are not benefiting from. Reward them well.

  • Whatever you can imagine is real. If you can be patient, you can make it happen.

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