Change Your Mindset Will Help In Changing Your Business

Brandi lives by the simple mantra, Happiness by any means necessary! This charismatic, R&B grooving, Southern Mama of two, knows the importance of being physically and mentally sound.

“When you’re a mom, it’s easy to put your health on the back burner and focus more on the needs of your family. For years, I’d ignored my signs of anxiety and depression because my son was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma at the age of 6 months old. My husband and I became dedicated to finding the ideal solution for him to live an inhaler free life. We began consulting with various herbalists and holistic doctors to find the perfect solution for him. Through my years of research, I was able to focus on my own problems and discovered the infinite benefits of hemp.”

We had the pleasure of interviewing Brandi Square on her amazing product line called VybeKit.

Tune in as we ask several questions on how she got started in the CBD industry, some marketing suggestions and ideas that anyone can use in order to make their business grow.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • It’s not too late to enter the CBD industry, you just need to find your niche and your why. – Brandi Square

  • It’s been fun because I have been able to let my kids learn about packaging and marketing and more.

  • Stay patient, stick to your goals and keep pushing through

  • I send my products to labs for extra testing to ensure product quality.

  • Get a good team around you. Whether that’s interns , family, friends

  • Make sure that your credit is good if you are going to start a business & make sure that you do have some money saved up because you will be spending money when you start.

  • You need to have a passion for what you are doing and a sound mind because you will be tested.

  • I consult with scientists and I have customer formulas because I need this for my families livelihood.

  • We utilize and affiliate and word of mouth marketing strategy so that I can get good advertising for my brand.

  • Before starting a business, always do your research!

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