I made a F***in difference

We have a special guest in the building today! He is one the of youngest and most successful AFLAC regional directors in the country. He’s been highly successful by changing the culture of an “office” setting and seeking to change the landscape of what people think they know about insurance and “sales”. Welcome Talha Rahman!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between poor people and rich people is information / education.

  • How can an entrepreneur protect themselves with health insurance?
    Health insurance being cheaper while working with a company is cheaper is a myth. It depends on the number of people in the company with 500 or more.

  • What is your exit strategy

  • Biggest mistake that companies make with insurance is not offering it.

  • Must Reads:
    Lean in, 5 love languages of business, Ten Ex by Curt

  • Talha’s motto – “I made an F***in difference”

  • Be genuine to everyone that you work with and on your team

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