Make Your First Impression Count!

We have a special guest in the building today! She is a virtual stylist & chemist who focuses on help high-achieving women in business elevate their image & dress for their new level of success. Welcome Charlene Lawson!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Learn The Basics

    It’s important for every stylist to start from scratch. From fabrics and trimmings to silhouettes and colour, you must know what works for different body types, skin tones, ages and personalities. Remember it’s much easier to build on a good foundation. So master the basics!

  • Know The Trends

    Fashion is never constant. It keeps evolving over time, so make sure you are clued in always. Stay up to date with the newest fashion trends doing the rounds. There is no place in the glamour world for an outdated stylist.

  • Balance proportions

    Obviously, you want to show off what you’re proud of—toned arms or a slim waist. It’s the downplaying of less beloved parts that’s tricky. One tactic? Add opposite volume, like wearing wide-leg trousers to offset a heavier upper half that’s wearing something fitted.”
    Another idea: Distraction. If you’re pear shaped, wear forgettable black pants, then bring the focus upward with a bold scarf.

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