1. Build your schedule for the day in advance
For those who are not used to working remote, it can be challenging to find structure during this time. Start your day with a plan and clearly outline the goals that you would like to achieve for the day. This will provide a blueprint to track and measure your success as well as keep you on track with your project goals.

2. Avoid Cabin Fever
Working remote is a safety precaution to avoid the spread of COVID-19, however don’t allow yourself to become restless and fall into feelings of isolation. Use this time to focus on developing a new skill, finishing up that online course you have been trying to complete or that personal development book that has been sitting on your shelf for over a year.

3. Set a designated start time & finish time
Don’t work from your bed if you can avoid doing so. Working in your office or your kitchen table so that you can create a dedicated separation between your work time and personal time.

4. Set remote productivity goals with your team
Touch base with your team/ co-workers and manager in advance to define expectations during the remote work period.

5. Take breaks when needed
Work-Life -Balance is key! Don’t forget to take lunch breaks, meditation breaks so that you can return refreshed and recharged ready to take on any project!