As guest speaker Thomas Calhoun stated:

“Visionaries recognize opportunities in the midst of chaos.”

So despite tumultuous weather, road and highway closures, massive flight cancellations , delays and viewing the flight chaos that happened @ La Guardia on the news, I was blessed to be able to make it in to DC to be a part of the amazing #WeStartUp weekend.

20150308_173524Pictured: Paul C. Brunson, Ella Rucker & the #WeStartUp Team

During this high energy weekend,50 remarkable entrepreneurs from various parts of the country gathered in Washington DC for a motivating weekend of strategizing and networking.

20150307_093543#WeStartUp, the brainchild of Paul C Brunson & Ella Rucker featured amazing presenters in an honest and candid environment.


There were so many inspiring and affirming elements of the weekend. In this post, I decided to highlight a few memorable quotes from the weekend.

“Greatness Takes Time. -@tionnasmalls “

On the surface, this quote may seem to be simplistic, but I believe it is one of the most important elements of being an entrepreneur. To be a start-up or small business owner, you must understand that great things take time, and that patience will play a major roll in how far you will go. I believe many people give up on amazing concepts and ideas, because they do not see and immediate return, and it’s often times and unfortunate occurence. Patience is a virtue, and greatness takes time.

“The Key to success is in the details” – @justicefergie

Success is not just about a cool concept or creative idea. It is about the execution and the steps that it takes to bring your start-up business or dream to life. Pay attention to the details.

“If you’re not asking, you’re not getting” – @paulcbrunson

As a start-up or business owner in general, you have to master the art of the ask. You can have the most beautiful or amazing product, but if you’re not comfortable asking for the sale, you’re not going to get the sale.

“Let’s go knowing our customers” @mrmikestreet

This quote was actually a hilarious reference to the Prince film ” Purple Rain ( Amazing Movie). Know your customers so you can gain a clear understanding of their needs and wants. Understanding this will help you to be able to effectively market to them.

Check out some fun pictures from the event below:

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