Our first #BrandAdoration post goes out to none other than classic brand , Benadryl. Many of you may have memories of  Benadryl from childhood for the treatment of common colds. You probably use Benadryl when the weather changes  as well for the  treatment of  allergies.  Well, Benadryl didn’t disappoint this weekend at the wedding of Solange Knowles in New Orleans.  At some point during the wedding festivities, the bride broke out in Hives and cited Benadryl as the treatment.



The popular fashionista and artist took to her Twitter page to give a shout out to the brand for  its assistance in relieving  the skin irritation during her wedding.

solangetweetBrand mentions such as these  are more valuable then advertisement  such as TV and commercials for so many reasons:


1) They are organic

When watching a TV commercial, we understand that the underlying element of the commercial is to sell us a product.

Therefore, no matter how the treatment for the commercial is set up at the end of the day, we know it is purely advertisement.

It simply relates back to the way that we receive information. I’ll give you a  hypothetical scenario:

  Television: “Use Benadryl to  offer instant relief  for skin irritations”

  Radio: Benadryl is #1 for Skin Irritation Relief

 Solange:  ” Thanks to Benadryl, I was able to relieve my skin irritation, and enjoy one of the greatest days of my life”

Which statement do you connect with the most?


2) The post  was positive

Positive organic mentions are always great for brands.  When a consumer  or anyone who is not closely associated with your brand  has had live interaction and a positive experience, it sends an honest, unbiased message to consumers that your product offerings are of good quality.


3) The Messenger

The impact of the positive Benadryl quote also relates back to the fact that the person that is providing the positive feedback is  a celebrity and respected public figure. This adds increase value and  positive impressions  to all publics and readers of the message, which can directly and indirectly have a positive impact on Benadryl as a brand.

So kudos to Benadryl and we’re sending you some #brandadoration!