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Entrepaidneur is a lifestyle t-shirt & product brand providing motivation for creators, dreamers & visionaries. An entrepaidneur is a person who realizes that you only fail if you give up.

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Branding Concept

Our personal mantra is that if you can conceive it you can achieve it. We live by the motto that there are no small ideas and that all dreams have the potential to become a reality.

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Entrepaidneur produces several events locally, regionally and nationally for entrepreneurs. As an affiliate, you will receive:

  • Your group will receive early registration perks to all Entrepaidneur events before the registration list is released to the general public.

  • Your group will receive VIP access to all complementary events.

  • Your group will receive a minimum of (1) complimentary ticket at no charge (when available) for official paid Entrepaidneur events ( does not apply to events produced in conjunction with any affiliate as terms may vary based on partnership). This ticket can be used for give-a-ways with your group members or access for your executive team to attend the event at no charge.

  • Your group will receive discounted admission ranging from 25%- 50% off all paid Entrepaidneur events ($10- $200 value).

  • As an attendee of our events, you will have access to founders and CEO’s from some of the top startup companies in the nation.

  • Your group will be eligible to participate in exclusive affiliate contests for a chance to win Entrepaidneur apparel & prizes.

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List our events in your city as an official meetup/ group event • Share our event flyer via your social media handles • Share our event via your group newsletters

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